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Hands-on with Application Control for Linux


Hands-on with Application Control for Linux

Application control is a critical system security control. It's recognised by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) as 'one of the most effective mitigation strategies in ensuring the security of systems', and is one of the 'Essential Eight' baseline cybersecurity strategies.

I've written several articles now on application control, and they're linked here for convenience:

One of the most frequent questions I get is - "How can I get started?"

File Access Policy lab

To make it easier for everyone to get started with application control, I've collaborated with a couple of others at Red Hat to create a hands-on lab. You can find it here:

The lab takes you through installing the File Access Policy Daemon (fapolicyd) on a Linux system, configuring authorised, trusted applications, and performing some basic integrity checking for trusted applications. It's delivered through Instruqt, a platform for delivering virtual hands-on labs, and allows you to provision your own environment for the lab.

I hope you find the lab helpful. I'll be making some changes over the coming months, and please feel free to leave me any feedback here.